Monday, October 26, 2015

Get Ready for Some FUN!!! PARTY!!!!

Put this on your calendar! On Saturday November 7 from 4pm to 7pm EST* we will have a Biome4Kids party. There will be meeting others, learning, a building exhibit (kind of like a competition but not), and other fun activities. I plan on having some new avatars available then - it's a secret - not telling you what. If you are a teacher in B4K find some kids to bring in! Make sure to fill out an application so I know who is who.

* be sure to convert to your timezone.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kids Learning about Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

Amy Pihlainen's (Elsie Ocello) 8th graders of the Au Train-Onota school built demonstrations of renewable and non-renewable resources on Imaginaria the did live presentations. Laura Briggs (Cyndyl Enyo) and I were able to be online just at the right time and watch the presentations. The building was impressive and the students' knowledge even more so.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I gave a Webinar yesterday for the ISTE (International Society for Technology Education) Mobile Learning Network Mondays Mini-Conference about Biome4Kids. It went well and there are more people interested now from across the US. I am hoping to get more people involved so kids can meet kids and the collaboration can lead to more learning and interaction. You can see the recording HERE.

I am changing the subtitle from "Learning Science..." to "Learning..." since we now have a social studies island (Werowocomoco) and hope to soon have a literacy island created by a teacher in Wisconsin with help from any other teachers interested (and kids of course).

The Deerton kids have been building projects concerning on renewable and non-renewable resources on Imaginaria. I was trying to move the food web to Biosphere but kind of messed it up. I have to work on it.

On another note I am converting Seaborgia to an additional building island since that seems to be what we need.

I am also updating my times online so you can count on me being there. I hope to see you soon. Clowey :)