Terms of Service

Biome4Kids (B4K)Terms of Service


Biome4Kids is for children in the grades K-12 age group and teachers. It can be used for classroom activities. It may be used as a learning tool for homeschooled children. And it is a wonderful place for children to play, create and learn any time from anywhere. I am encouraging a global population so that your children will be able to meet children from across the world. I will require evidence that a member is either a child or a teacher.  I will require an adult email and I may request a phone number and/or Facetime or Skype video call. 

Visitors are allowed during special events under very specific, supervised circumstances. They are blocked from returning to the children's areas as soon as the event is over. While parents cannot have an account, they may, of course, watch over their children’s shoulders while they visit. In fact, I would definitely hope they are always aware of what their children are doing on the internet.  Parents, teachers and administrators are encouraged to contact me at any time with a concern or question.

Anyone may visit the main island of Biome4Kids, explore there a bit, and obtain an avatar. However, to leave the island you must be invited to a group by me or an approved leader or teacher. Only approved children and teachers will be allowed on the other islands.

Before you are given permission to visit the other islands I need some evidence that you are:

1)     A child of the age between 4-18. I suggest that teens may prefer visiting Biome (http://cloweysbiome.blogspot.com) where there are more options for exploring a wider virtual environment.  However, any K-12 classroom is encouraged to use Biome4Kids for learning activities.

2)     A teacher in a K-12 school or approved pre-service teachers with requests from their university instructor.

3)     University instructors using Biome4Kids with permission (but not for their students’ educational activities – university students will be directed to Biome).

4)     The professionals working with the program running Biome4Kids and the content it contains. A list of these people is available upon request.


Rated G

No mature content, language or behavior is allowed. Absolutely no bullying will be permitted. Any violation of this in content, language or action will result in banning of that avatar. If you have any issue please send me the chat log in question so I can gain the information I need in order to ban the person(s) involved.


Only the provided animal avatars are allowed.  You must obtain an animal avatar before you will be allowed off the main island.  If you would like for me to make your avatar I need you to send me login information – your real name, your chosen avatar name, a password, and what animal you want to be from the following (subject to change – you can always choose another once you get there). You can also have your teacher make you an avatar.

Avatar options:
o  Cats: white, black, orange, pink, blue
o  Bears: panda, polar, black, brown
o  Otter
o  Beaver
o  Bunny: white, black, brown, pink, blue 
o  Lady bug or others

If I have not made an avatar for you, your first avatar will be a white cloud. The absolute first thing you must do is make an animal avatar.  There are instructions here in the getting Started page or upstairs in the log cabin.

Intellectual Content Rights

Anything built by an avatar belongs to that avatar and, as such, can be shared, given away, or downloaded and saved by the owner unless it includes materials that are part of the item which belong to someone else and they have not given you permission to call it yours. Examples might be textures, scripts, or sculpt maps. I will provide information on how to save your own items.

Selling things

This is a free world and it has no money involved. You may not sell things on Biome4Kids.  If you make items that are all yours (see above) then you can download them and sell them in a different virtual world that allows you to do so. We have no control over the other virtual worlds. You may, of course, give away whatever you wish.


Biome4Kids is not associated with any other virtual world (Second Life, Inworldz, OsGrid, Kitely, etc.). You cannot “get there” from here. You would need to make an account with those entities as well as with any other virtual worlds that require individual accounts.

Biome4Kids is a part of the VIBE (Virtual Islands for Better Education) group of educators and educational virtual worlds. Other parts of our group are VIBE, Alexandria (library), Biome, Genome, Nova Archaeology and World Traveler. Visiting those requires additional information. Send me an email at drclowe@gmail.com for information.