Monday, March 2, 2015

Wow, great presentation at the Michigan Science Teachers Association conference in Grand Rapids on Saturday! There was standing room only for Real Kids, Virtual Critters & Amazing Science. I am excited to see some of you teachers come visit! Also, get your own kids in and let them tell you what they think.

If you are here from the conference, please contact me or just log in. I am in Biome4Kids now and have several times scheduled this week while I am on break. The calendar is on this page. You can contact me via email, twitter CloweyGreenwood, or post a comment here.

You can also find me on Facebook as Carolyn Crouse Lowe and/or join our Facebook VIBE group of virtual world educators.

I'm working on updating the instructional Prezi - the link will work the same. It is very simple to get started. There are three steps - make an account, fill out an application on this website, download and setup the program interface (Singularity Viewer) and log in. Then you get to play with it. You can't break it and it won't break your computer. And it is fun AND educational. NOTE: it works on PCs, Linux or Mac but does not run on iPads or Android. There is an Android app (Lumiya) that works for a low-tech approach - no real interaction with the environment or building - but you can chat and see somewhat. It works great for meetings when you cannot get to a computer.

Finally I will be in Chicago for the National Science Teachers Association next week. Let me know and we can meet up there.

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