Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm at NSTA in Chicago. There have been quite a few teachers visiting Biome4Kids. I realized I have to do something to make getting an avatar easier. So I made "Magical Invisible Eyes" to put on first. Then you can just put on the avatar folder. There's instructions in the log cabin.

Also, I am scheduling some welcoming tutorials for people who might be hesitant to try it on your own. Check the calendar for dates and time. The tutorials include a How-to-get-started one-on-one session and a tour (if so desired). Be sure to contact me via email or fill out the application in here so I can meet you and invite you to the group. Remember, Biome4Kids is for kids (in or out of school) and teachers only.

Finally I need some kids to volunteer to meet me after school or on a Saturday as part of a "Think Tank". I want a variety of ages, a variety of geographic areas, and a variety of interests to create ideas for teaching science (or other topics) in Biome4Kids. Have the kids email me at if they are interested.

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